Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mad about cars.

Whenever we take a ride together in his dad's car,grandson Sidharth and I play this 'name-the-brand' game, every time a vehicle speeds by on road. I rarely get a word in edgeways. His play-room is littered with car toys. His parents have no hassle persuading him to have a haircut at this place in Pleasaton CA. I took this shot during a 2008 trip to US, when Sidharth was nearly three.
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  1. Oh, I love it! The perfect way for the little guys to get a haircut! What a great photo!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!


  2. he's cute. i've seen a similar barber shop for boys here with cars and airplanes. it's a great idea for design.

  3. what kid wouldn't want to sit here and get a haircut? a wise move by the salon owner/s to install this.

  4. A great idea for kids who don't want to cut their hair...