Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Test-tube baby centre

Noticed this place on my recent visit to Coimbatore .Though I knew this city is known for its speciality hospitals, I wasn't aware of its test-tube baby centre.
It is an irony that Calcutta's Subhas Mukerji,the scientist who delivered India's first test-tube baby in 1978 died unsung. His achievement met with societal disapproval. A newspaper then reported that Mukerji received nothing but brickbats and humiliations from his colleagues and the West Bengal government, which even did not allow him to publish his data in scientific journals and refused permission to travel abroad for presenting his data.
Such is My World this Tuesday.


  1. Very interesting post for the day! Some people pay a high price for their accomplishments! Have a wonderful week!


  2. What a charming hospital! His work has helped countless couples become happy parents...

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