Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cozy, indeed

Had my grandson Nikhil pose for this shot by a show-window at the mall in Pleasanton,CA. My wife and I visited US a couple of years back to spend time with grandsons - Nikhil and Sidharth - at San Ramon CA.
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  1. Nice photo. We need to teach the Americans how to spell colour:)

  2. re: comment of Andy-Colour is the British way of spelling Color, just like centre vs center.

    Nice shot of your grandson,

  3. and the poor U cries every time it is left out!
    I rather like the alliteration though - cozy colour.
    Nikhil is adorable, I want to reach in through the screen and pinch his cheeks!

  4. Love the eyes in the baby and the poster child.