Monday, February 28, 2011

Yellow 'jutka'

The horse-drawn two-wheeler, we call it 'jutka'(meaning, a jolter), was a popular mode of public transport a couple of decades back. It is now considered a tourist attraction.The cart-driver taking a nap on a sidewalk, off JLB Road in Mysore.
My Mellow Yellow entry this Monday.


  1. Our city had this transportation 30 years ago and I so love it. I wonder why all of a sudden there was none left. Happy Monday!

  2. What a wonderful carriage. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday.

  3. we have a similar carriage called "calesa". nowadays, calesas can be found in tourist districts and heritage sites.

    Mellow Yellow Monday @ Live in the Moment

  4. I love to take it is name here calesa, it would be good if that would be use here there will be no pollution then, I wonder if the people will allow it as means of their transportation. :) visiting here through MYM here's mine thanks My Daily Mumbles