Friday, February 18, 2011

Daylight Streetlights

This wouldn't happen, if they have a timing device that switches off municipal street lights at the crack of dawn.The photo pertains to my JLB Rd. neighbourhood in Mysore. During our morning walk my wife and I occasionally run into a municipal staffer on a bike doing the rounds of power switch-boxes fitted on every other electric pole. On this morning I was late for the walk; so was the switch-man.
Look up SkyWatch for more.


  1. The switch man's tardiness got you a great photo!

  2. I have to agree with lotusleaf -- his tardiness did indeed get you a terrific capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with no shortage of light!!! Enjoy!


  3. You definitely got a bonus by the switchman being late. The shot is so neat. Since the “30” sign is on the left, I am assuming you all drive on the left. The linear qualities of this shot are so interesting to me....the power line, the barricades alongside the road, the lines painted on the asphalt and then the circular traffic sign as well as the round bursts of light from the poles. A great shot.

  4. you still got a great shot..have a great weekend