Monday, May 21, 2012

Wayside stall

Fried-in-oil eats, exposed to dust raised by passing vehicles,  may well be tasty. But then, not all of us as given to eating out,  not this style. This tea and pakora stall on roadside at Burliyar, a Nilgiris hillside hamlet, caters to bus passengers. Buses on Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route halt at Burliyar, where Tamil Nadu state transport employees union runs a co-op canteen close to the bus stand. This stall,  closer to public conveniences,  relies on bus passengers spilling over from the co-op canteen.
My post for Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. this is convenient to bus passengers who are hungry. they smell good, too.:p

  2. We have like this too here in the Philippines. Currently, I am here in the Philippines and took a lot of food stalls and I like to buy food there ^_^ Fortunately, have not experience any stomach upset yet. ^_^


  3. We have a lot of food stalls like that here. The aroma of food cooking will entice passengers and passers by. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  4. awww! I miss this kind of stall :-) cannot wait to buy foods that I miss :-) Dropping by from last weeks MYM