Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mysore

Pavement is home for these little ones ; they belong to families always on the move from one town to another, pitching their tents on sidewalks. They are mostly gypsies. Some families are, what I would call, economic nomads - craftsmen and artisans who have problem selling their wares. They move from place to place chasing fresh markets for their wares - pottery, decorative pieces, painted dolls and things. I caught up with these kids on a pavement close to the Mysore railway station. Presumably, their parents had just moved in, for a working stint in Mysore.
My post for Ruby Tuesday and My World


  1. It's difficult to see the little ones in places like these although I know things are just different from one country to the next. Thank you for sharing the realities with a marvelous photo! Have a great week!


  2. must be a hard life for these kids having to move from one place to the next. but it's their way of life, i don't think they would be happy to stay permanently in one place.