Saturday, March 26, 2011

Village pond

Safe drinking water is an issue in many villages. For the community pond is used for bathing , washing clothes and livestock. Gone are the days when the village pond was considered safe enough for drinking. Took this shot at Thirukadiyur in Tamilnadu.
My post for Weekend Reflections


  1. What a beautiful picture the village pond gave you, though. However, I certainly wouldn't consider it safe for drinking!

    I watched an Indian film last night, "Race" - i kept me totally mesmerized and I never figured out the plot. I am an addict for Bollywood movies.

    Mine is at:

  2. Beautiful reflection shot--so lovely. Mickie

  3. Great picture, once again ; and the text make us think about this precious element, water... In my country, most of the people use it naturally, like if water is something easy : we talk about current water, and we forget that most of the people on our planet can't access to drinkable water easily... Thanks for this sharing I found so strong.

  4. Its awesome picture of village pod. Its an original pond with clean water. It gives some natural look too.

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