Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resident monkey

This chap on the front gate was a monkey in residence in our Mysore apartment complex. And he isn't half as innocent as he looks. When these guys gang up and move about in the complex they were a menace to residents. You got to be on guard carrying a shopping bag with fruits, bread or other edibles monkeys fancy. We don't have such menace in our place in Chennai, where we moved in recently. But I do, at times, miss the antics of our Mysore monkeys.
My post for Camera Critters and SOOC


  1. Very cute even if they are not nice.


  2. Wow, seeing a monkey on a bench! He's a cutie. I suppose some folks might think groundhogs cute (those are our local pests).

  3. What a charming neighbour! Even if he does like to take your fruit...

  4. Great photos... wonderful monkeys... healthy eaters too...